Bad Man

Felt unwanted and rejected as a child

Was always evil talkin', dirty and running wild

Caught red-handed thieving hubcaps as a teen

Judge was lenient when you told him you'd go clean

One year's probation just added to your frustration

But a bad man's gotta pay once in a while

Did your utmost to perfect the perfect crime

Was apprehended in the phone booth stealing dimes

Tried a thousand schemes and nothing made you rich

Well every endeavor never fails to have a hitch

Here's the place be quick it's time to face the music

Cause the bad man's gotta steal to stay alive

Now you're low and low is wearing mighty thin

Yes you're low, you're high and then you're low again

You have precisely half a dozen phony names

You've got no mercy and Lord knows you got no shame

There's no one home now can't you see the house is dark

Driveway's empty where a car is usually parked

Now's the time to go through any unlocked window

Cause a bad man's gotta earn a living too

Now you're down and down and down is where they have you pinned

Yes you're down, you're up and then you're down again