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Emitt Rhodes: Odds & Ends

There's some great stuff here: A tour of Emitt's home studio, an episode of The Dating Game featuring the Merry-Go-Round, interviews with Emitt, and much more. Happy browsing. (NOTE: most recently added items are at the bottom.)


  • Check out this rare newspaper clipping introducing Emitt's very first band, The Emerals. Poor Emitt, they misspelled his name. Certainly not the last time that would happen...

Thanks to John Gardner, a former member of the Emerals and friend of Emitt, for digging this article up for us.

  • An article introducing The Palace Guard. No date or title of publication for this one.

Thanks to Jennifer DeBernardis for this one.

  • December 11, 1965 article about The Palace Guard.

More thanks to Jennifer.

  • Article about The Merry-Go-Round

Thanks again, Jennifer!

  • Review of Emitt performance from LAPressVol8.#48, 1971.

Thanks to Cindy Madden.

  • 'Teen Magazine article on Emitt from 1971.

Thanks to Ted Siegel for this one.

  • Rare insert for "Tame The Lion" promotional 45. Lyrics printed on parchment!

Photo and copy courtesy of Ted Ross and Ted Siegel, respectively.

  • Review of Emitt's performance at the Poptopia Festival.

Courtesy of the lovely Jennifer DeBernardis.

  • Cover of the "Fresh As A Daisy" sheet music.
  • Cover of the "Live Till You DIe" sheet music. The publisher showed breathtaking creativity and diversity when deciding which images to put on the covers...
  • This is an interesting piece. It is a lyric sheet to Emitt's first album that was sent out to radio stations upon the album's release. What makes this copy interesting is that one of the disc jockeys or content coordinators listened to the album while reading over the lyrics and wrote comments by some of the songs, giving his opinion on which were best suited to the radio. And he differentiated between what was just a good radio song and what was a good "FM song." Interesting how that distinction was still made.
  • After other members of M-G-R protested the fact that "You're A Very Lovely Woman" was included on The American Dream, A&M released a different version of the album with a new cover that omitted the song. Or so goes one version of the story... Click the image to the left to see the front and back of this alternate cover.
  • M-G-R appeared on the Dating Game in 1968. Watch the episode or check out some screen-grabs here.
  • I wasn't aware that Emitt Rhodes was released on cassette, but George Twells scanned in his copy for us. Thanks George.
  • This is a copy of the official A&M Emitt Rhodes biography sent out by the press office around the time of The American Dream.
  • This is a video of Emitt performing "Birthday Lady" that was released in the Seventies. Amazing find by George Twells. Thank you George!


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