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Emitt FAQ

Q: When is Emitt going to release another album?
A: If you've been following along for a while, you know that at one time Rocktopia Records had plans to release a NEW Emitt Rhodes album featuring all new tracks. Unfortunately, the label went under and the album went with it. There are NO solid plans to release a new Emitt album anytime soon. Interested labels, contact me!

Q: Where can I buy Emitt's music?

A: Not an easy answer here, I'm afraid. At the time of this writing, CDNow.com has the "Daisy Fresh" compilation in stock. It contains Emitt's complete solo debut as well as a sampling of tracks from the follow-up albums. That appears to be the only official release still readily available. The American Dream, Mirror, Farewell to Paradise, and the Merry-Go-Round album have all, at one time or another, been rereleased on CD in Japan. Frequent trips to E-bay will eventually turn one of these up!

Q: Where can I find music by The Merry-Go-Round?

A: Again, you have to hunt for it! The MGR album and a few other solo-Emitt albums have been rereleased on CD in Japan. Occasionally these may be found on E-bay. Keep your eyes open!

Q: Where can I find rare, unreleased Emitt Rhodes material?
A: You can find some right here on this site! Check out the rare audio and video section. There is a bootleg CD floating around entitled "Rhodes Less Travelled" that boasts the inclusion of rare and unreleased tracks. All it has are tracks from the Merry-Go-Round album and various tracks from the three hard to find solo Emitt albums. There is nothing truly unreleased about the tracks. The material may be hard to find (since the albums are no longer in print) but if you already own all of Emitt's albums, don't waste your time on this bootleg. You already have it all.

Q: Does Emitt ever perform live anymore?
A: His last live appearance was at the Poptopia Festival in 1999. He played three tracks: "Live Till You Die"; "Love Will Stone You"; and "Really Wanted You". Emitt may consider appearances on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Does Emitt ever record other artists? Will he record me or my band?
A: You bet! Emitt has a fully equipped studio in his home in Hawthorne, California. If you are interested in recording there, drop me a line. He still has the piano used on the first album, still has the grand used on Mirror, still has the harmonium... it's all there!


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