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And by "contact us", I primarily mean, contact this site. I can possibly pass along any personal messages or correspondence to Emitt, but the email address here belongs to this site, not Mr. Rhodes.

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  • I had a chance to look at the site recently. When reading the news portion I noticed what was said about having "Lullabye" appear on "The Royal Tenebaums" soundtrack. Honestly, i'd never heard his music before...but that song was one of the four reasons I bought that soundtrack, and found myself searching further for more of Mr. Rhodes music. Reason one being Elliott Smith, number two being Nick Drake, and three being "Lullabye" the fouth reason being the fact that that movie was incredible. I left the theater weeping. 50% of it was simply from the music. Mr. Rhodes being on the soundtrack as well as "Lullabye" being featured in the movie, is definitely a good thing. It introduced me to him, and i'm thankful for that. Brad 

  • Many earlier posters here have raved about memories Emitt's music brought back. Well, I first heard of the guy 3 or 4 days ago, in the Washington Post (1/27/02, page G4), but one quick pass through audiogalaxy was all it took to convince me he was first-class, a genius. (I say "was" only because of his situation's unique Rip Van Winkle-ish aspect.) What's more, he's by all accounts a down-to-earth, nice man -- making his story all the more painful. Who could fail to be dismayed by such a tale -- what a travesty! Worse, his obscurity wasn't merely undeserved, but as others have mentioned, the injustice of such worthy, heartfelt, high-quality work languishing for decades, while disposable fluff regularly storms the charts, saddens and angers me. And back in the early '80's, I too tried to make 4-track recordings in my bedroom ... let's just say Emitt deserves even *more* credit than we already give him! So, while I'm overjoyed to have found Emitt, and look forward to spending a lot more time listening to him, I'm also full of regret for the lost time. If I'd only found him sooner, I could've rocked out that much more (it would've connected even better were I still in my 20's). And I'm outraged -- had I not chanced to read a follow-up article about a movie I haven't seen, I might *never* have heard! Given his debut album's wide appeal, though, I can only imagine that thousands of others would think the same ... if they only knew. I'm also glad Emitt is still with us, to witness the (web-enabled) major resurgence which seems all but inevitable now that even folks as un-hip as I am are on to him ... enough with the obscurity already! How to remedy this? I want to buy albums, but want to make darn sure *Emitt* gets paid, not some corporate greedhead. Are ER, Daisy Fresh and Listen Listen the only available CDs? Who owns the rights? If Emitt retains enough ownership, maybe he could consider hooking up with someone like Rhino or Sundazed, who cares and will do him right with full remastering, in-depth liner notes and the other niceties his back catalog deserves. 

  • Sometimes I have occassion to remember names and music from the past and wonder about them. This happened yesterday when, for whatever reason, Emitt Rhodes trailed through my mind. I saw The Merry Go Round with The Doors and The Jefferson Airplane at Anaheim Convention Center in 1967. I was 12. It was a life altering experience. Kind of a gateway into my teenage years. The band was tight, melodic and fine. Quite an ecletic show now I look back on it. There was the Beatle-esque sound of The Merry Go Round, the 'hippie' loose crawl of The Airplane and Morrison's lizard act at its near insane peak. Quite a bit for a 12 year-old to take in! I am from the South Bay. Manhattan Beach. Man, I used to have those 45's. You've done good work. Man,there's some real history here. 

  • Just ran across your site,EmittRhodesMusic.net Thanks, for capturing the essence of my cousing Emitt (named after my late father Emmitt Jackson Rhodes). It's a wonderful site, I found many things there that I had forgotten about those times, like the amazing studio garage at my Uncle Sidney and Aunt Eileen's home in Hawthorne. I'm ten years younger than Emitt, but have always been amazed by the talent that he was. I recently found some of his music and bought it. 

  • This past year i bought the emitt rhodes album and instantly fell in love with it. consequently, i've turned the rest of my band onto it, and all of us can't figure out why we don't hear it anywhere. Well, needless to say it blew my mind when i saw wes anderson's movie "the royal tenenbaums" this past week and during a tender scene emitt's lullabye was playing in the background. i was quietly freaking out as to not disturb the other viewers. i'm sure you've heard this already, and i hope that emitt has,also. Well deserved exposure for a well deserved artist. 

  • Just saw "The Royal Tennenbaums" last night and was so pleasantly surprised to hear Emmit"s "Lullabye" about halfway through the movie.

  • It's been about 30 years since I heard his music. I was working in a record store in the local mall in 1970 when I "discovered" his first album. Now I was and still am a HUGE Beatles fan, but when I first heart Emmit I knew instantly this album was as good as McCartney's first. Thanks for the site. Peter K. 

  • Thank You. It 's been about 30 years now and I think this web page has been my "number one" senior moment! Seriously, as I'm writing this, I'm listening to Emitts' "Live Till You Die" - a timeless song. I wish we can turn back the clock and do it all over again. 

  • I first heard Emitt Rhodes' Music in late Fall of 1970. At first it did on the surface sound a lot like the Beatles but closer listening revealed a very original approach to the whole concept of inspiration. Clearly this Music was inspired by The Beatles but it was in reality very fresh and original. It explored areas which although The Beatles may have pointed them out to us, Emitt Rhodes actually took us there. I had all of Emitt Rhodes' albums and the only direct derivation from The Beatles was the reference to the "Give Peace a Chance" coda on The American Dream album. Like the rest of the people who visit your web site, I had always wondered what happened to Emitt Rhodes. In 1992, I believe, while looking through a Hawthorne Telephone Directory at the public library, I found the name Rhodes at that same address, but different first name. I called the number and actually got to speak to Emitt's mother, who of course just passed away last year. We had a wonderful conversation. She seemed very glad to hear from someone who had thought so much about her son's Music. I learned a lot about Emitt Rhodes in that conversation. Lots of interesting trivia like that Emitt just happened to have George Harrison's Birthday, February 25. So I guess he was always destined right from the beginning to have a connection with The Beatles. She said Emitt now lived accross the street but understandably so, she wouldn't give me his phone number. He was unlisted at the time. About a year or so after that, a friend of mine in the Music business gave me Emitt Rhodes' telephone number. I found him to very friendly and cordial in receiving my phone call since to him it must have seemed to be completely unexpected. He filled me in on what he had been doing since his albums and also answered a question I am sure so many people had had about why he was no longer releasing albums under his name. He told me all about his bad contractual experiences in the Music business and filled me in on some of the technology he was now employing in his studio. Thanks for this really great website. It can help explain why someone like Emitt with so much talent could be left by the wayside while other artists with far less talent or dedication can consistantly rise to the top of the charts. Its true what has been said on your website about most of the Music world doesn't know about Emitt Rhodes but thats true about anything rare and valuable it usually can only be in the possession of a select few. Thanks, Andy Moynihan 

  • Thanks a million for putting together this great website. I have had the four Emitt Rhodes albums since the mid 1970's and of course still think they're great. It was just a fluke that had me search the web for Emitt Rhodes today, and look what I got. A chance to hear a live version of "Love Will Stone You" and word that there will be a new album. I used to think the internet was a waste of time. But in the last year I've found that websites like yours have allowed me to connect to some old memories, so I stand corrected. I'll keep an eye on your site for the album release. Thanks again. Mark S. 

  • Kevin, I have been trying to track down Emitt for several years. I grew up in Hawthorne four streets away from Emitt's parents' house and met him just before Live was released. I was the kid who's Fender Deluxe Reverb Emitt borrowed whenever the Merry-go-round was playing in the LA area. They still had dress codes at HHS and long hair was not permitted. It could not touch your ears, hang below your eyebrows or if they could grab it in the back it was too long. For that reason Emitt didn't last at Hawthorne High very long and as I remember he attended a private school in Inglewood until he was old enough to quit altogether. I don't know if he ever went back. Emitt got into the "Pop, Merseybeat, Beatles" sound a lot earlier than most in that area. Again he was way ahead of his time. I remember his first attempt at multitrack recording was while he was still with the Merry-go-round. His father had built the small shed at the rear of the garage and is was soundproofed with acoustic tile and egg cartons. My poor attempt of a band would go over there and record with him working out the bugs on a 4 track system which was two Teac reel to reel stereo tape recorders setting side by side. He would use the supply real from the one on the left, run the tape through the heads on that one, twist the tape backwards, run it through the heads on the other and use the take up real on the second Teac. As long as you never moved the tape recorders you could record 4 tracks. That was the beginning for him. I left the Hawthorne area in the middle 1970's and haven't seen him since. The last thing I heard was that he bought a house across the street from his parents house but I don't know how accurate that is. In the early 1970s I and a friend Jim Lenn began a recording project which included using Emitt's studio (by that time he had enlarged it to the entire garage rather than just the small addition at the rear where Emitt Rhodes was recorded)

  • Hello Kevin, I just found your Emitt Rhodes site and I must say I am glad to find I'm not the only one who seems to know of his talents. I still have my well-worn copy of "Live" on A&M. I even had the pleasure of talking to him on the phone around 1980, I think. I got his number through Asylum Records, whom he worked for at the time (I was astonished to get it actually). It is so great to hear of his new album on the way. I can also say I know how he feels about the passing of his mother. My Dad passed away three years ago and life is different from that moment on. Anyway, congratulations on a great site. What were his thoughts on the Bangles recording of "Live"? He had to love it. 

  • remember searching all over NYC for EMITT RHODES way back when after hearing a track on the radio. I still consider it one of the true gems in my collection and play it for all who will listen who I know haven't been exposed to it. I've purchased everything that I could find on the web. 

  • Kevin, Thanks a ton for putting up your site on Emitt. As a songwriter myself , and long-time musical admirer of his, I can think of no other unsung musical talent more worthy of having his material put more forward into the public's ear. I commend you for the site, and Emitt for his rich sense of melody. There are a few of us still waiting for his new album. And I don't even know if Emitt realizes just how much influence his music has had on other songwriters, even today (myself fully included). Keep up the great work. 

  • As countless others before me, I found your site quite by happy accident. And, like so many, my story is similar: thinking I was one of but a few who had heard of Emitt Rhodes. But my story is a bit different. I was managing a record store at the time of the first album's release, and I played and promoted it feverishly. I wrote him a fan letter, and was sent a Christmas card. I may also be one of the few of your site's visitors to have seen Emitt perform solo, in person, to promote the album. Someone from his organization sent me passes to see him at the Troubadour, I believe. Unfortunately, he was opening that night for Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, who hogged the majority of the evening because they were recording a live album. 

  • If you have any contact to Emitt, maybe you might tell him he has a big fan in Germany (hopefully lots of them!). I am a 47-year old surgeon. I first read about him in an early 70's article in "Melody Maker" or "NME"; (maybe I'll find that as well). They rated the ER album very high and luckily I found it in a bargain bin for very little money (essential for me as I was still at school in 1971) and I bought it right away and love it to this day! Please go on with "the good work", that's a great web site. 

  • Hello everyone! I really thought I was the only person on earth who knew of Emitt Rhodes. Still have my well-worn copy of "Live" from 1966. I was listening to the "Listen Listen" best of collection when I wondered if there was an ER site. After trying "dot-com" with no luck, and really not expecting to find anything, I tried "dot-net"! A great, full of heart, site. I think Emitt is so close to us all because he isn't well-known. It's like he's the guy in the neighborhood with the studio in his garage and he likes to make music and records for his friends. Those albums really "belong" to us all. I am so grateful for the internet and this great website so Emitt can finally see how many "friends" he has. Dick Loftin - Tulsa, Oklahoma 

  • Loved the site. I downloaded a couple of Emitt songs and got right back into his pop groove. I have three of his albums. Guess it's time to get the CD's. Can't wait for the new CD! Thanks for the lyrics. I'm gonna have to print them out. Also loved the live recording and pics and... Cool, very cool. Keep up the good work. 

  • I saw the Merry Go Round perform at the Mt. Tamalpais (near San Francisco) Magic Mountain Fair in the early summer of 1967. It was right around the time the Monterey Pop Festival happened. They did one show on Saturday and one on Sunday. I was hooked the moment I heard them and their album remains among my favorite vinyl listenings. The only thing I recall about the shows is Emitt introducing their follow-up to "Live" - "Gonna Fight the War." He talked about radio station's reluctance to play the song because of its anti-war message. Enjoyed your site, Lou Tylee 

  • I have thought of Emitt Rhodes many times since being drawn to his music in the early 70's. I recently purchased the compilation cd- Daisy Fresh- and am moved again. The love, compassion, and sadness that is communicated on his records has allowed me to feel how my life has changed in the past 30 years. Sure, I've grown up, order put in my life, but the pureness, clarity and intensity that I lived in those days has faded and been replaced with teaching, not experiencing. The joy of his music is not only in the memories of that time, but with the fullness of emotion that continues to flow from those songs, music and lyrics. Since we haven't heard from him in many years, I assume that that his life has been sometimes difficult, maybe unmanageable. I hope he knows that his music and talent is missed. His return would be appreciated. Rick R. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

  • Kevin, Wow!!!! After years of searching the web for any meaty Emitt Rhodes info I finally got sent to yours thru Daniel's link from his record review of Emitt's first LP. My memories of his first LP may be different from a lot of the fans as I was a lad of 4 or 5 when one of my older brothers used to continually play his first record. I fell in love with it but my brother went off to college and took his record collection with him. Amazingly enough, I went to live with him for a summer in 1982, and I remember going through his LP's and stumbling on the memorable album cover and decided to play it. Needless to say, as soon as that unforgettable opening piano riff started from "With My Face on the Floor" a bridge gapped the span of 12 years (I'm getting goosebumps just reliving it!) and a lost part of my childhood came back to life. Pardon me for getting emotional by that's the kind of impact this record has on people. My brother graciously "lent" me the album and I went about making Emitt Rhodes fans of my buddies. It seems as though every person I've made a tape of this LP for has become a fan themsleves, buying his LP's, 45's, cd's. It's really wild because it feels as if we're all part of an incredible secret that's waiting to be shared with people. At least Emitt's beginning to get some long overdue attention and respect. Regarding your site, it's fantastic! I can't believe the radio broadcast!! What a miracle that it still survives! And the sheet music to "Daisy" blew me away. And I thought I had just about everything to be had in my collection. About my collection, and, no, I don't have a shrine built!! I have most of the LP's on white label promo, as well as his 45's on promo as well. I also ran across a lyric sheet in a promo copy of his first LP that had radio notes regarding the style and potential of each song. I'll try to send/scan you a copy. Anyway, I'll shut up now, but THANKS for putting this site together. I hope it gets lots of visitors. Keep in touch and I'll try to send anything your way that might help. Bye for now, Kenny K (Ken Kovacic) Madison WI 

  • Thanks for the great site. Good to know other people out there remember Emitt with affection. I have all Emitt's music on vinyl and a few years ago on my first visit to the States I came across the Listen,Listen compilation. It was such a thrill to hear a new song from Emitt. But once again I just could not understand why this guy was not known all over the world. I would love to hear some new material, not just a new album but anything at all, demos ,unfinished songs, covers, acoustic versions of his old songs. You dont need the record companies. Couldn't tapes be sold mail order by subscription only? Emitt, if you see this web site it would be great if you could give something for your fans. We never forgot you and we still care. All the best, Terry

  • Kevin, This is a great site! Looks good, is well organized, and quite complete. Your spelling is great too - an obvious attention to detail. It's much like E's first album, carefully crafted and executed. Like most of us, I've been anticipating E's new album, ever since www.rocktopia.com began talking it up, but even they have stopped answering my email. Thanks, Kevin, for filling the void. Next time you speak to him, please pass on regards from yet another great fan.-- Curt Cassingham http://www.northstarsamples.com 

    Hi Kevin, I found your site from a Badfinger guestbook. It is very nice. I'm a musician and a longtime fan of Emitt Rhodes. His albums have been a great inspiration to me. I have to admit the first time I heard Emitt Rhodes was when I bought a sealed "Fresh As A Daisy" album for forty-nine cents. Being a Iveys/Badfinger and Beatles fan, I was quite impressed. This was in the mid seventies. Then I found a sealed "Mirror" album (maybe that was the forty-nine cent record), anyway I was permanently hooked on Emitt Rhodes. I got everything I could get my hands on, including a mono copy of the "Merry-Go-Round". When it came time for "Farewell To Paradise" I had to order it from Record Theatre. It was very obscure even then! Of course the "Best Of The Merry-Go-Round" is also an essential record. My sister-in-law had an old box of 45s probably out of a juke box. By this time I'd read all I could about Mr. Rhodes. In the box I found a very nice copy of Falling Sugar/Oh Blue by The Palace Guard on a Verve promo label. Can you believe it? It would've certainly got thrown away. I also have the Emitt Rhodes songbook which is quite a learning tool with the complex chord changes being included! 

    Please let Emitt know that there a way more people that can be imagined that would love to hear his new stuff. With the Internet and sites with the likes Badfinger and others, the word would surely spread like wild fire. With Peter Ham and Tom Evans (of Badfinger gone), there is a great thirst for truly interesting and melodic pop music. Emitt, if your reading this, please don't stray too far from your Beatle flavored stuff...be proud of this kind of talent and remember you have many fans that have hopped along the bandwagon over the years. Keep the beautiful music coming ...Peace! Joe Pellegrino, Rochester, NY

  • Kevin, I've been an ER fan since the first album and was fortunate to purchase all his Lp's at the time they were originally released. Pleased to hear there might be a new Lp in the works. Please let me know when and I promise I'll be there. The world has waited much too long for an ER album. All the best -- Gary Craden, St. Louis Mo. 

    Your site has me flabbergasted! I have met only one person in my entire life who had ever even heard of Emitt and he owned all the lps. Myself I have been unable to find them anywhere but have been hooked on my copy of "Emitt Rhodes" since I bought it 25 years ago. It never crossed my mind to search Emitts name on the net until a day or to ago. For years I have asked myself the question "What ever happened to this guy?" As a musician, a multi-instrumentalist, song-writer and failure to obtain comercial success myself I feel a real kinship with Emitt, so thanks for the site.

    Kevin, this is a great site! About time Emitt got his due. I have everything he's ever released -- including the non-LP Merry-Go-Round 45 "Highway" (and it's lousy by the way, 'cause it's not Emitt's song!) and the "Tame the Lion" 45 with the promotional insert. Anyway, I've loved him forever, and I agree that Beatles comparisons are entirely superfulous...Emitt's music stands on its own merits. Next time you talk to him, tell him the band I had back in college used to do "Let's All Sing" -- I still have a tape of us performing it on a radio show in 1973!

    Wow, what a treat it was to see your Emitt Rhodes website! Very clean, organized, informative and overall nice looking site. The MP3/Real Player samples simply knocked me out as I've never had a chance to hear any Merry-Go-Round material and some other solo stuff. That must have taken awhile to put together! I sure hope "nobody in authority" challenges the right to have them posted. It does offer an insight and chance to hear what Emitt has done. I mean written words can only describe music to a certain point. Nothing like hearing it for yourself though!!

  • I got hooked on Emitt ever since I heard "Live" by the M.G.R. To tell the truth, I actually like Emitt's music more than the Beatles! Does anybody out there have the live M.G.R. cd that was only available in Japan? If so, I would love to do a trade. Thank you, Emitt, for all the great music. And please take your time with the new album because I know it will be worth the wait - Sam 

  • Just found on your site that I can listen to bits of his songs. Listened to "With My Face On The Foor" and man, what memories came to life. Not to get all weird or anything, but when I bought the majority of my tapes in the early '70's I was in the US Air Force stationed in New Hampshire. Things like portable 8 tracks didn't exist so the only time I could listen to tapes, like Emitt's, was just when I was off duty. AAAHHHHH, the good old days!

  • I asked the guy who owned my local record store what was new, different. He rubbed his chin, and swept the various alphabatized bins. He finally handed me Emitt Rhodes. I played that album non-stop, marvelling at it's genuine simplicty, the honesty of Emitt's lyrics. The fact that sounded too much like McCartney simply created the impression I'd locked on to the "lost" Macca material. I'm 50, and still find myself humming, singing tunes from that 1st album. "You must have for every grey sky, a sky of blue/you must have for every love lost, a love that's new...to get by...to live your life". Thanks for the site... and thanks to Emitt for the music. - Ron Kolman

    I've been a fan of Emitt since his first album came out... I was still at school and one of my mates had heard Emitt on the radio and bought his album. He told us about him and let us borrow his LP. I thought it was a great album and bought it for myself. I loved it and I think his album 'The American Dream ' is fantastic.We never got to see much of Emitt or his music over here in England but back in1970/1971 in my High School ( in Durham North-East England ) he was a cool one..my favourite guy... Thanks again... Please pass on my Love and Best Wishes to Emitt...

    Wow, it's about time there was a site devoted to Emitt Rhodes! There is hardly anything about him on the internet anywhere. Great job!!!

    Your site is great! I found out about it through the Left Banke mailing list. Many Left Banke fans are huge fans of Emitt's as well...

    Nice one! Great to see a site devoted to Emitt Rhodes. Keep up the good work.

    What a great website! I've been a fan of Emitt's for years now and nobody seems to know who he is. Let's give him the credit he deserves. I went through two copies myself of his debut album because I listened to it so many times! Good work... 

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