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Emitt Rhodes: News

October 23, 2007:The site was down for a while... now it's back. Enjoy...

July 13 , 2003:Sorry if I've been a bit inactive with the site lately. I've been working hard to finish a book I've been writing for many years and the rest of the time has been spent in the studio. Not much Emitt news to report, except for the fact that a well known indie label is very interested in putting out a new album of his music. More news on that as developments unfold...

January 26 , 2003: My interview with Emitt was finally published in this month's issue of TapeOp. It's a detailed look at the recording technique responsible for those great albums of his. Visit www.tapeop.com or pick it up at your local book or music store. TapeOp is one of the best magazines out there for anyone interested in the art of recording...

October 30 , 2002: "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated". So says Emitt, quoting Mark Twain. No, he did not die today, though there is a rumour floating around that he did. Rest easy, I just spoke to him. He is very much alive....

July 27 , 2002: I've recently returned from LA where, among other things, I interviewed Emitt for an upcoming issue of Tape Op magazine. All the musicians and recording enthusiasts out there should find it quite interesting, as we covered in-depth the recording techniques he used on his albums — all the outboard gear, microphones, tape machines, miking techniques, etc... I know from your emails that there are quite a few of you dying to know this stuff. I know I was...

If you can't find Tape Op at your local music or bookstore, visit www.tapeop.com for a subscription. Not sure yet which issue it will be in. Likely the September/October issue, but possibly the November/December. Eventually, much of the information I obtained during the interview will show up here on the site, but not for some time, so grab the mag if you can...

Now, for some more news that I found REALLY interesting: during my stay in LA I had a wonderful opportunity to study and view many of the session and track sheets from Merry-Go-Round recording sessions during the Sixties. What I was pleasantly surprised to find is that there is at least another WHOLE album's worth of unreleased tracks sitting in the tape vaults! That may be wishful thinking, as these songs may be nothing more than unfinished demos, but they're songs that have never seen the light of day in any form whatsoever. Click here to see what I found...

April 20 , 2002: Added a page on Emitt's 1971 performance at Lincoln Center. Thanks to Ronnie D'Addario and Steve Berman for their contributions.

March 27 , 2002: Okay, everybody. I'm finally getting around to adding something I've had a lot of requests for: the sheet music for Emitt's first album. I'll be adding the songs one at a time in the order they appear on the album. As of now, only the first song is available. Since this sheet music has been out of print for over thirty years, I don't think anyone will mind, but if asked to, I'll quietly take it down. I'm a bit skeptical of its accuracy as far as the chord progressions go, but it's better than nothing! Enjoy!

February 13 , 2002: Just added a brief Emitt FAQ to cut down on the number of emails I get all asking the same two or three questions. I don't mind the messages, but it can be hard to respond to them all personally, so hopefully this will answer some of those questions.

January 28 , 2002: Emitt is on the soundtrack to the movie The Royal Tenenbaums! The song featured is "Lullabye". Great to see Emitt being reintroduced into popular culture, though when I spoke to him last night, he informed me that he didn't find out about the song's inclusion in the film until after the fact and that he probably won't be financially compensated for the contribution at all.

A Washington Post article about Emitt and the song's appearance in the film has been added to the site, courtesy of the author. Click here to access.

The Paul McCartney tribute album to which Emitt lent his engineering skills (and reportedly backing vocals) has indeed materialzed. The title of the compilation is "Coming Up". See August 21 news below for album lineup.

Now, as far as Emitt is concerned: He recently helped Ray Paul out with a song for a Paul McCartney tribute album. "Wow! Emitt? Paul McCartney tribute album? What a great combination!" Well, here are two reasons not to get too excited; 1) Emitt doesn't really perform on the track. He mainly helped out in a production/engineering capacity. 2) I just spoke to Emitt and the album may be a no-go. So, there you have it. For those of you still interested, the tentative album line up is as follows:

"Coming Up: Independent Artists Pay Tribute To the Music of Paul McCartney"
1. Let 'em In (Starbelly)
2. Take It Away (The Jellybricks)
3. Every Night (Mark Bacino)
4. This One (Cliff Hillis)
5. My Brave Face (Star Collector)
6. Temporary Secretary (The Andersons)
7. Mull of Kintyre (Kyf Brewer)
8. With a Little Luck (The Masticators)
9. Somedays (Phil Keaggy)
10. Getting Closer (Michael Carpenter)
11. Maybe I'm Amazed (Gadget White Band)
12. Helen Wheels (The Shazam)
13. Oh Woman, Oh Why (Ray Paul w/Emmit Rhodes)
14. Another Day (Cherry Twister)
15. Back On My Feet (Cockeyed Ghost

Nothing much else in the way of news. I'll be adding a couple of new items to the site, so keep your eye out!

February 26 , 2001: Another cool addition to the site! George Twells sent us a video of Emitt peforming "Birthday Lady" that he found on a Seventies video collection. Check it out here! Thanks be to George.

February 9 , 2001: Welcome to the newly retooled EmittRhodesMusic.net! I changed web hosts (the site's a bit faster now) and I felt it was a good time for a redesign. I think the new version of the site is a bit more user friendly than the old one. You'll notice the "Quick Access Menu" at the top of the page. Clicking on that gives you instant access to every section of the site (and, of course you, can also use the menu at the top and bottom of each page.) I've refined and simplified some things, but I haven't removed any content. In fact, I've added stuff. And I think you'll be pretty happy:

First off, a number of you thought the vidcaps of the MGR appearance on the Dating Game were cool, but wished you had something a bit more extensive. I felt the exchanges that went on during the program were so ridiculous that they weren't worth transcribing. Well, now you can decide for yourself; watch the episode here! (okay, so it's kind of cool to watch.) Thanks again to the Emitt fan that submitted it and thanks to the Game Show Network for airing it. Hope I'm not stepping on any legal toes. If I am, shame on me and I'll take the clips down if asked.

Secondly, we have Chuck Conjar to thank for the recent additions to the Rare Audio section. This is a wonderful find. When Emitt visited Gaithersburg, Maryland in 1970 (as documented in the Radio Interviews section) he filmed a couple of solo performances for television. Chuck recorded these off the TV when they were broadcast! (audio only) He was kind enough to dig out the tape and share it with us. Many thanks Chuck!

Some new bits and pieces have been added to the Odds & Ends section. I've got even more to add and I'll be getting around to it soon.

Now for some not-so-uplifting news: I constantly get e-mails from people wondering about the state of Emitt's new album. Let me take this opportunity to announce that the Rocktopia album has officially been cancelled. It must be pointed out that this is in no way Emitt's doing. If you've tried to go to the Rocktopia site recently, you've noticed that the site no longer exists. Apparently the label has encountered some legal trouble and has (at least temporarily) shut down. The upside to this is that Emitt is now free of his contractual obligation to Rocktopia and is free to consider offers from other labels. Hopefully, he'll be able to come to an agreement with someone that will do his music justice and we'll be able to enjoy a new album before too long.


January 2 , 2001: Many of you have asked why, in the absence of any other, we weren't the official Emitt Rhodes webpage. There was no good reason really, and today, with Emitt's seal of approval, EmittRhodesMusic.net became THE OFFICIAL Emitt Rhodes webpage.

January 1 , 2001: Wow, a new year! To start things off on a good note, another autographed picture of Emitt is being given away. And the new winner is...Lori Ferrell, from Portland, Oregon! Congratulations Lori! More to come...

November 19, 2000: Thanks to "Grass Roots Fan" for the video of The Merry-Go-Round on The Dating Game from 1967. Cool stuff. Ahh, but the girl didn't choose poor Emitt...

October 18, 2000: Many thanks to Gio Bruno for lending me his Emitt Rhodes songbook to scan for inclusion on the site. Nice collector's item. There is a great interview with Emitt in it. I've posted it here. It also produced 10 wonderful new pictures for the picture gallery.

October 8, 2000: Congrats to Gary Craden! He is the winner of the first autographed pic of Emitt being giving away on the site! There's more to come, so get your entry in if you haven't yet. All of you that already entered will be automatically rolled over into the next drawing, so no need to re-enter...

October 2 , 2000: Many thanks to Dr. Wolfgang Bittmann for providing scans of the alternate The American Dream cover. You can check it out here.

September 4 , 2000: Wow! My wife and I spent some time with Emitt at his home in California. I brought back autographs to be given away in a contest on this site. I've also added a section that provides a glimpse of Emitt's studio. Click here to see it.

July 26, 2000: Two months to the day, the site counter rolled over the 1,000 mark! Nice to see that so many people are still interested in Emitt.

July 9, 2000: Just added a rare 1972 live television performance of "Love Will Stone You" to the 'Rare Audio' section of Miscellaneous!

July 1, 2000: If you were having trouble accessing the lyrics, try again as the problem has been fixed. I restructured the menu. Enjoy!

June 30, 2000: Lots of vintage articles and reviews featuring Emitt, M-G-R and Palace Guard are now available in the Odds & Ends section of Miscellaneous.

June 17, 2000: The Lyrics Gallery is now fully operational. It's located in the Miscellaneous section of the site.

June 13, 2000: I finally have the Image Gallery (in the Miscellaneous section) up and running. If you have any Emitt images to contribute to it, please get in touch with me.

June 8, 2000: Spoke briefly to Emitt today. He said that his new album is still a possibility and shouldn't be ruled out completely... he just hasn't gotten fully back into the swing of things yet. Keep your fingers crossed!

June 7, 2000: Added some wonderful Emitt Rhodes radio interviews from 1970 to the Miscellaneous section. Special thanks to Jennifer DeBernardis for providing the recordings!

June 6, 2000: Added a comment submission form to the contact page. Visitors can now submit comments which will be posted with the other Visitor Responses.

May 26, 2000: Well, the site is finally up and running! Hope everyone enjoys it!

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