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Here you will find all kinds of cool Emitt Rhodes stuff, from rare radio interviews and reviews, to articles, photos and lyrics. Just click on one of the headings above. This section of the site will be continuously expanding as new items are found and submitted by Emitt fans. Of course, credit will be given to every person that submits something to the site.



Emitt at Lincoln Center, 1971

"Face on the Floor" sheet music

"Birthday Lady " music video

A&M Records press release/Emitt bio for The American Dream

"Live Till You Die" sheet music cover

Emitt Rhodes cassette tape

The Merry-Go-Round on The Dating Game

Interview with Emitt from "The Emitt Rhodes Songbook"

The alternate American Dream cover

Just some of the things I'm looking for:

I need a complete list of all Emitt singles.

I need scans of ALL Merry-Go-Round and solo-Emitt single 45's, sleeve and label. (If sleeve is blank, a label scan would be appreciated.)

Scans of any magazine or newspaper articles dealing with Emitt.

I need a complete list of all Emitt Rhodes sheet music that was published and scans if possible.

Scans of any Emitt photos not included in the albums.

Accounts from any people who have worked with Emitt.

I'm trying to compile a list of any albums (outside of his own albums, obviously) on which Emitt has appeared as producer, engineer or performer.

ANYTHING else you think should go on this site!

news history the music misc buy Emitt contact us